Use this form to submit product updates for MIMS (print and online) - SPC updates, price changes, launches, discontinuations, divestments and supply issues. For a change that applies to multiple products, please submit a single notification to cover all affected products. For queries, please email mimsinfo@haymarket.com

Please state brand and/or generic name as appropriate. If you are submitting updates (eg, price changes) for a large number of products, please just state 'Various'.
For SPC updates: please explain EXACTLY how the text has changed or upload tracked versions of the document(s) below (please note, a list of the sections updated or a non-specific statement such as ‘Update in line with QRD’ is not sufficient).
For new products: please include the launch date and NHS list price.
When notifying us of a new pack size/presentation added to an SPC: please state whether this is (or will be) marketed in the UK, and provide the date and NHS list price if so.
For new products please provide the SPC. For updated SPCs please provide tracked and clean versions. Max total file size 10MB
Please provide a contact for any queries about this update.