Riastap: first concentrated fibrinogen product

Human fibrinogen (Riastap) is now available from CSL Behring for the treatment of bleeding in congenital hypofibrinogenaemia or afibrinogenaemia with bleeding tendency.

As a concentrated product, Riastap requires a low infusion volume
As a concentrated product, Riastap requires a low infusion volume


Fibrinogen plays an essential role in haemostasis. In the presence of thrombin, activated coagulation factor XIII and calcium ions, fibrinogen is converted into a fibrin clot. Riastap is a concentrated fibrinogen replacement product prepared from human plasma.1


In a pivotal phase II pharmacokinetic study, 14 patients with afibrinogenaemia received a single 70mg/kg iv infusion of human fibrinogen concentrate. After one hour, maximum clot firmness had increased by a mean of 8.9mm from baseline (p<0.0001). Four mild adverse reactions were reported, none of which were serious or related to study drug.2


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  2. Manco-Johnson MJ et al. J Thromb Haemost 2009; 7: 2064–9.

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Further information: CSL

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