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Screenshot of inhaler search results from MIMS online showing the new leaf symbol denoting lower-carbon products.

MIMS highlights lower-carbon inhalers online

Healthcare professionals looking to prescribe lower-carbon inhalers will find these devices are now flagged with a leaf symbol on mims.co.uk, as well as in the print edition of MIMS.

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A young man lies awake in bed with his bedside clock showing the time as 2.11am.

Insomnia app recommended by NICE

GPs can now offer an app-based treatment programme...

A photo of the white and pink Luforbec inhaler.

Metered-dose inhaler certified 'carbon-neutral'

Luforbec (beclometasone/formoterol) has been certified...

Male clinician in white coat showing female patient how to use IQoro device.

Training device for reflux and dysphagia available on NHS

A neuromuscular training device for patients with reflux-based...

A woman leans on a desk holding her stomach in pain.

Draft NICE approval for new fibroid treatment

Around 4500 women in England and Wales will be eligible...

Close up image of an old man's arm being injected with a vaccine by a healthcare professional wearing a latex glove

Immunity boost from fourth COVID jab may exceed third dose effect, new data suggest

Findings from a recent study suggest that a fourth...

Close up fingers of a patient wearing a mask on hospital bed.

NHS rolls out second arthritis drug to treat COVID-19

Baricitinib, normally used to treat rheumatoid arthritis,...

Zoomed in image of pharmacist handing female patient a prescription bag.

HRT products limited to three-month supply

The dispensing of three HRT products is temporarily...

Close up of eyes, nose, mouth of various skin colours merged to make one face.
Three pairs of feet in trainers visible with people's hands reaching down to touch the toes

NSAIDs analgesic of choice for osteoarthritis in draft NICE guidance

The draft guidance recommends that people with osteoarthritis...

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