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A woman's hand holds a blue plastic scoop full of baby milk powder above the tin she has just filled it from, with a baby bottle visible in the background.

Prescribing infant formulae made easier with new MIMS table

MIMS has published a quick-reference comparison table of baby milks to support healthcare professionals prescribing these products.

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A close up image of half red and half yellow capsules, representing the drug amoxicillin.

Prescribers urged to double-check penicillin allergy is genuine

The importance of discussing penicillin allergies with...

A man with his sleeves rolled up sits in a bare room heating heroin in a spoon over a lighter flame.

New implant treats opioid dependence for 6 months

Patients with opioid dependence can now be given a...

A woman wearing a white vest as a blue-gloved hand of a healthcare professional are seen injecting a vaccine.

'Nocebo' effect may cause two-thirds of COVID-19 vaccine reactions, study suggests

Two-thirds of adverse reactions reported with the COVID-19...

An elderly woman with one arm in a plaster cast sits resting both hands on her walker

Doctors urge NICE to reverse decision on new osteoporosis drug

More than NHS 100 clinicians have called on NICE to...

Image of both strengths of Seffalair Spiromax inhaler side by side.

New salmeterol/fluticasone dry powder inhaler for asthma

Seffalair Spiromax is the sixth dry powder salmeterol/fluticasone...

A young boy wearing a face mask looks away as a doctor's blue-gloved hands are seen injecting a vaccine into the boy's upper arm.

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine approved for paediatric use

A new lower-dose presentation of Comirnaty has been...

A woman in a pale green top holds two yellow soft capsules in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

New lipid-modifying treatment for cardiovascular risk reduction

Vazkepa (icosapent ethyl) can be prescribed in patients...

Close-up of a person's fingers applying a white cream to a red, scaly, raised patch of psoriasis on their elbow.

New topical psoriasis treatment launched

Wynzora (calcipotriol/betamethasone) is the first cream...

A round clock-face style timer showing a 15-minute countdown

Government suspends wait period after COVID-19 vaccination to maximise booster delivery speed

The recommended 15-minute observation period for patients...

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