New name for Humalog insulin biosimilar

Admelog (insulin lispro) is a biosimilar of the rapid-acting insulin Humalog.

Admelog (insulin lispro) is the first biosimilar of a rapid-acting insulin. | SANOFI

Previously marketed as Insulin Lispro Sanofi, Admelog is a 100iu/ml solution for injection available in the SoloStar pre-filled pen, as 3ml cartridges for the AllStar Pro and JuniorSTAR reusable pens, and in a vial for administration by syringe, intravenous injection or infusion pump.

As a biosimilar of Humalog, Admelog has a similar pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile to the originator product, with a rapid onset of action (approximately 15 minutes) and a shorter duration of activity (2–5 hours) than regular insulin.

Admelog produces a similar mean HbA1c reduction to Humalog in both type I and type II diabetes, and has a similar long-term safety and tolerability profile with comparable rates of hypoglycaemic events.

Admelog has 1:1 dose equivalence to Humalog, so no initial dose conversion is required.

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