New high-strength nicotine patch

Nicorette Invisipatch is the latest addition to the range of available nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) options.

Treatment with the patch, available in 10mg, 15mg and 25mg strengths, is started in most smokers at 25mg per day, a higher dose than that achieved with any other NRT patches currently on the market in the UK.

The 12-week step-down programme recommends that one 25mg patch (releasing 25mg nicotine over 16 hours) be applied daily for eight weeks (Step 1) followed by one 15mg patch applied daily for two weeks (Step 2) then one 10mg patch for the last two weeks (Step 3). Light smokers (those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day) are recommended to start at Step 2 (15mg) for eight weeks and reduce the dose to 10mg for the last four weeks.

Research shows that abstinence during the first week of a quit attempt is an important predictor of long-term success. The results of a European multicentre trial (n=3,575) show that Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg enabled 50 per cent of smokers who were abstinent during week one to remain smoke-free at week 12. In addition, in the first week of treatment Nicorette Invisipatch 25mg has been shown to significantly reduce adverse effects of nicotine withdrawal on mood by 79 per cent and 47 per cent compared with placebo and the 15mg patch, respectively. Nicorette Invisipatch has been shown to be 44 per cent more effective at 12 weeks than the previous Nicorette patch programme and is well tolerated.

Nicorette Invisipatch is semi-transparent and is smaller dose for dose than the previous Nicorette patch.

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Further information: McNeil Products

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