MIMS Learning


MIMS Learning provides you with high-quality online CPD education tailored for the learning needs of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics and other healthcare professionals working in secondary and primary care settings. 

Our resources are created by experts, offering relevant, challenging and up-to-date content with quizzes that reinforce your learning. What’s more, our CPD organiser allows you to gather evidence for your learning so you can meet your CPD requirements for appraisal and revalidation with ease. 

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • 450+ hours of clinical CPD over 20+ topics in primary and secondary care 

  • Guidance-based content in line with NICE and other national guidelines

  • Learning plans with tailored modules on specific clinical topics

  • Track learning with CPD organiser directly linked to Clarity and FourteenFish for easy appraisal

  • Clinical advisers providing expert clinical CPD guidance in primary and specialty areas 

  • Expert commentary on the latest research in 9 specialities areas 

  • Weekly bulletins notifying you of latest CPD relevant to you in primary and secondary care

  • 9 specialty areas are headed by clinical advisers from cardiology, to gastroenterology to primary care.

Registration is free, giving you access to our free CPD modules, webinars and events online. Our subscription options enable you to access all 450+ hours of clinical CPD, including exclusive researching findings from 8 specialty areas.


Have questions? Visit our FAQs page or contact our team directly.