MIMS Learning


What is MIMS Learning?

MIMS Learning is the educational website for healthcare professionals, supporting best practice in primary and secondary care.

MIMS Learning brings you high-quality education tailored for the learning needs of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and paramedics, along with other healthcare professionals working in hospital and primary care settings. All modules are written by experts, offering relevant, challenging and up-to-date content with post-tests of learning that reinforce your learning.

Registration is free, offering you access to free CPD modules and a CPD organiser. Annual subscription enables you to access all modules on the site, and use the CPD organiser, gathering evidence in order to ease the pain of the annual appraisal process.

Key features of MIMS Learning online include:

  • Education relevant to primary and secondary care across 20+ topic areas
  • Over 550 clinical and practice education modules worth 400 CPD credits
  • Downloadable CPD certificates for all modules
  • Pre-prepared learning plans with bespoke packages of content
  • CPD organiser integrated with Clarity for Doctors and FourteenFish, allowing easy export to your appraiser
  • Guidance-based content telling you what’s new and what to do differently in line with NICE and other national guidelines
  • Option to create your own learning plans reflecting your personal development plan and learning goals
  • Links within articles to MIMS drug information and further reading
  • A user guide and optional weekly bulletin telling you what’s new on the site

In your CPD organiser you can make reflective notes and export these along with your MIMS Learning CPD certificates to your appraiser using the 'Add to Clarity' button next to each note.

Your dashboard within the CPD organiser provides a running total of CPD credits earned and links to all your CPD certificates.

Common questions about MIMS Learning

How can I register for MIMS Learning?
If you have already registered for MIMS you will be able to log in to MIMS Learning using your existing account details. Otherwise, simply fill in the 'Register Now' box here with some very brief details in order to start learning.
How can I purchase MIMS Learning annual membership?
Suscribing to MIMS Learning is easy – click the 'Subscribe' button here.
What member benefits do I receive if I subscribe?
• Over 550 modules covering 20+ clinical topics, integrated with appraisal toolkits, and managed via your CPD organiser

• Clinical guideline modules, plus downloadable PDFs
• Premium content with packages of video and audio learning
• On-demand webinars from MIMS Learning Live Digital

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