MIMS for Libraries 

Whether academic, institutional or company-based, libraries can access MIMS for their users on the following two models at special library rates

Multi-user access: 

  • Get access for a specific number of users via individual email-based accounts and enable users to directly manage the information they need.
  • Multi-user accounts are set up with one person as the subscription manager for the organisation, with multiple subsidiary accounts set up for other named people at the same organisation.
  • These subsidiary accounts can be swapped to different users if individuals leave the organisation, and simply require name and email for set-up.

Access is via both online and print database

Domain level access:

Get access across your organisation, for anyone with an organisational email address.

  • Available for capped or uncapped user numbers
  • Domain-level access is set up with one named subscriber as point-of-contact for the organisation, but with anyone in the organisation, up to the limit set, able to access the full database simply by registering an account on the MIMS website with their domain-based email address.
  • Access is online only.

To discuss your requirements, library rates and how we can meet your user needs, call +44 (0) 208 267 4865 or email alice.french@haymarket.com.