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New resource for ADHD prescribing

MIMS tool highlights available prescribing options.

Pile of blister packs of tablets, all face down

Esketamine superior to quetiapine in refractory depression study

Researchers found esketamine nasal spray to be more...

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MHRA issues suicide risk reminder for quinolones

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency...

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Insomnia drug recommended by NICE

Daridorexant (Quviviq), due to launch this month, has...

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New twice-weekly rivastigmine patch for Alzheimer's disease

Zeyzelf is the first rivastigmine patch to be launched...

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Antidepressant shortage reported

The noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor reboxetine (Edronax)...

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Deprescribing insomnia drugs: new decision aid from NICE

NICE has published a patient decision aid to help people...

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Dramatic increase in ADHD prescribing

NHS data for England show that prescribing of CNS stimulants...

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Consider innovative interventions instead of potentially addictive drugs, says NHS England

A new framework outlines ways for GPs and clinical...

The interplay between mental and physical health

Learn more about the relationship between mental and physical health

MIMS Learning has launched a new set of educational...

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Digital mental health therapies receive initial approval from NICE

Draft guidance issued today conditionally recommends...

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Review questions use of antidepressants for analgesia

The review authors conclude that most antidepressants...

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Latest prescription data exposes 'stark health inequality' across England

People living in the most deprived parts of England...

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Withdraw antidepressants gradually, says NICE

When stopping antidepressant treatment in adults with...

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Digital CBT for children with anxiety given conditional green light

NICE has issued draft guidance recommending the use...

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Temazepam supply problems anticipated until December

Temazepam 10mg and 20mg tablets are expected to be...

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Antipsychotic shortage continues

Supply issues continue to be reported for aripiprazole.

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NICE: avoid antidepressants as first treatment for less-severe depression

Updated NICE guidance on depression includes new recommendations...

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NHS statistics show continuing rise in antidepressant prescribing

New data released by the NHS Business Services Authority...

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MIMS antidepressants table updated

The MIMS table 'Antidepressants, a guide to switching...