Aspire Pharma

Unit 4, Rotherbrook Court
Bedford Road
GU32 3QG
01730 231148
01730 261084

Products manufactured by Aspire Pharma

Betadine Spray (Povidone-iodine)
Skin >> Skin and nail infections
Biquelle XL (Quetiapine Modified-Release)
Central Nervous System >> Depression
Carmize (Carmellose)
Eye >> Dry eye
Eydelto (Dorzolamide)
Eye >> Glaucoma
Eylamdo (Dorzolamide/timolol)
Eye >> Glaucoma
Eysano (Timolol)
Eye >> Glaucoma
Gatalin XL (Galantamine)
Central Nervous System >> Alzheimer's dementia
Glytrin (Glyceryl Trinitrate)
Cardiovascular System >> Angina
HypoBase Gel (Isopropyl myristate,Paraffin liquid)
Skin >> Eczema, pruritus, dry skin conditions
iAluRil (Sodium hyaluronate,Sodium chondroitin sulfate)
Genito-urinary System >> Bladder irrigation and appliances
Lecicarbon A (Sodium hydrogen carbonate/sodium dihydrogen phosphate)
Gastrointestinal Tract >> Constipation, bowel clearance
Lecicarbon C (Sodium hydrogen carbonate/sodium dihydrogen phosphate)
Gastrointestinal Tract >> Constipation, bowel clearance
Losinate (Tamsulosin)
Genito-urinary System >> BPH, urinary retention
Neditol XL (Tolterodine)
Genito-urinary System >> Incontinence, nocturnal enuresis, nocturia
Onexila XL (Oxycodone)
Pain >> Pain, fever
Percutol (Glyceryl Trinitrate)
Cardiovascular System >> Angina
Repinex XL (Ropinirole)
Central Nervous System >> Parkinson's disease, parkinsonism
Sevodyne (Buprenorphine)
Pain >> Pain, fever
Zedbac (Azithromycin)
Infections and Infestations >> Bacterial infections

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