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App to help your patients 'Living with Eczema'

Healthcare apps can play an important role in engaging patients in their own health care and increasing patient empowerment. 1

The Living with Eczema App has been launched to provide patients with general information about eczema, together with tools to help them manage their delicate eczema skin successfully. It offers a Skin Diary and Photo Journal to track changes in their condition. They can also set useful Treatment and Appointment reminders.

Advise your patients to search 'Living with Eczema' in the App Store or on Google Play and download it for free.

Download Eczema App Flyer

This flyer can be printed and provided to your patients to explain how the Living With Eczema App can help them manage their eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.


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JB-000282; Date of preparation August 2020