Fostair is the first inhaler that combines formoterol (6 micrograms) and beclometasone (100 micrograms).

Fostair is indicated for the regular treatment of asthma where long-acting beta-2-agonist and inhaled corticosteroid is appropriate.

Formoterol has a rapid onset of action, and produces relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle in patients with reversible airways obstruction. Bronchodilating effects are seen within 1—3 minutes of inhalation and it has a duration of action of 12 hours after a single dose.

Beclometasone has a glucocorticoid antiinflammatory action in the lungs and reduces symptoms and exacerbations of asthma.

In two randomised trials in adults with asthma, Fostair demonstrated comparable morning peak expiratory flow with two other combination therapies: salmeterol 25 microgram/fluticasone 125 microgram and budesonide 400 microgram/formoterol 12 microgram (all given at two puffs twice daily).1,2

1. Papi A, Paggiaro P, Nicolini G et al. Beclomethasone/formoterol vs fluticasone/salmeterol inhaled combination in
moderate to severe asthma. Allergy 2007:62; 1182–88.
2. Papi A, Paggiaro P, Nicolini G et al. Beclomethasone/formoterol versus budesonide/formoterol combination in
asthma. Eur Respir J 2007: 29; 682–89

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Further information: Chiesi

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