Long-term bladder problems in patients with spinal injuries present clinical challenges for urologists, rehabilitation specialists, nurses and therapists. Our half-day seminar provides an update on the latest developments in this area, including drug and surgical treatment and quality of life issues.

Lecture-style presentations will be followed by a multidisciplinary, case-based discussion with panel and audience participation covering:

  • What’s new in management of the neuropathic bladder
  • Clinical experience of drug treatment for neuropathic detrusor overactivity
  • Quality of life issues for the patient with neuropathic bladder problems.

Suggested learning outcomes include:

  • Better assessment of urinary tract dysfunction
  • Greater awareness of effective drug and other treatments
  • Ability to provide better advice to patients on treatment options and optimising quality of life.

The seminar is free to attend and is open to healthcare professionals with an interest in neuropathic bladder problems, including: consultants/specialty registrars and nurses working in spinal units, urologists, urology and continence nurses.

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UK/MIM/WEB/872/2015  Date of preparation: July 2015