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Shortages tracker

Drug shortages - live tracker

Use our constantly updated shortages tracker to check on drugs in short supply. Last updated 12th August - added Buscopan, Medrone 4mg tab, Proscar.

Shortages news

Boxes and bottles of medicines on shelves in a pharmacy dispensary.

Medicine shortages increasing, say GPs

Medicine shortages have worsened during the past year,...

Line graph showing number of drug shortages from start of 2021 to present

Number of drug shortages on MIMS tracker reaches record high

Medicines supply issues continue to impact general...

A silver blister pack of four tablets against a blue background, with one white oval tablet removed.

Alendronic acid supply issues reported

Healthcare professionals have contacted MIMS to advise...

Zoomed in image of pharmacist handing female patient a prescription bag.

HRT products limited to three-month supply

The dispensing of three HRT products is temporarily...

Woman applying a hormone patch to stomach.

Concerns rise over HRT shortages

The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) shortage crisis...

Deleted products

Deleted products - live tracker

EXCLUSIVE TO SUBSCRIBERS See the latest products removed...

Drug comparison tables

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Hormone doses and costs of HRT preparations.

Contraceptives, oral and transdermal preparations

Hormone doses and costs of hormonal contraceptives.

A middle-aged woman applies oestrogen gel to her forearm.

Shortages of oestrogen-only HRT reported

'Exceptionally high demand' has resulted in shortages...

MIMS drug shortages tracker updated with latest supply issues

Supply issues have been reported in the past week for...

Ranitidine shortage continues

All preparations of ranitidine remain out of stock...

Increasing drug shortages worsen GP workload pressure

A total of 130 drugs are currently out of stock according...

New contraceptive shortages reported

Seven contraceptive pills are currently unavailable...

FemSeven Conti back in stock

FemSeven Conti (estradiol/levonorgestrel) HRT patches...

Other shortages resources

Websites with information on medicines supply issues.

Serious shortage protocols
Shortage information from manufacturers
Shortage information from professional organisations

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