Infections and infestations

Tables (5)

Routine childhood immunisation schedule

Summary of routine childhood vaccinations.

Influenza vaccines, which vaccine to offer

Flu vaccine recommendations by age group for 2021/22.

Influenza vaccines 2021/2022

Influenza vaccines available for the 2021/22 flu season.

Antibiotic treatments in adults, summary of regimens

Dose regimens for common bacterial infections.

Lice and scabies treatments

Formulations and regimens of pediculicides and scabicides.

Infections and infestations in the News

Close up image of an old man's arm being injected with a vaccine by a healthcare professional wearing a latex glove

Immunity boost from fourth COVID jab may exceed third dose effect, new data suggest

Findings from a recent study suggest that a fourth...

Close up fingers of a patient wearing a mask on hospital bed.

NHS rolls out second arthritis drug to treat COVID-19

Baricitinib, normally used to treat rheumatoid arthritis,...

Blurred image of a black man wearing a mask being injected in he upper arm by a medical professional also wearing a mask

SSRI treatment shown to reduce COVID hospitalisations

Fluvoxamine, a commonly prescribed selective serotonin...