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Latest news and quick-reference resources collated by the MIMS editors to support primary care prescribing for women's health issues, including contraception, HRT, postmenopausal osteoporosis,  breast disorders and menstrual disorders. 

Latest news

A woman leans on a desk holding her stomach in pain.

Draft NICE approval for new fibroid treatment

Around 4500 women in England and Wales will be eligible...

Zoomed in image of pharmacist handing female patient a prescription bag.

HRT products limited to three-month supply

The dispensing of three HRT products is temporarily...

A middle-aged woman applies oestrogen gel to her forearm.

Shortages of oestrogen-only HRT reported

'Exceptionally high demand' has resulted in shortages...

New reloadable single-handed levonorgestrel IUS available on NHS

Benilexa One Handed (levonorgestrel IUS) is indicated...

HRT prescription charges to be reduced

The cost of repeat HRT prescriptions will be cut in...

At-a-glance product comparison charts.

Summaries of key national guidance.


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Pregnancy due date

Enter the date of last period to calculate expected delivery date and number of weeks' gestation.

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Baby age

Enter a baby's date of birth to calculate his or her age in weeks.

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