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Latest news and quick-reference resources collated by the MIMS editors to support primary care prescribing for gastrointestinal disorders, from constipation to ulcerative colitis. 

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IBS symptoms improved by amitriptyline, study shows

Low-dose amitriptyline was significantly more effective...

Computer illustration of a malignant tumour in the colon.

Offer home tests to all patients with colorectal cancer symptoms, NICE advises

In draft guidance published today, NICE recommends...

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MHRA introduces new measures to reduce JAK inhibitor risks

Prescribers are advised to avoid using janus kinase...

Medical illustration of pathogenic Helicobacter Pylori bacterium in human stomach

Antibiotics shown to reduce risk of aspirin-induced GI bleeding

Treatment with Helicobacter pylori-eradicating antibiotics...

Purple microscope image of rod-shaped Clostridium difficile bacteria

PPI use inappropriate in over half of cases, study suggests

Findings from a Dutch primary care study show that...

At-a-glance product comparison charts.

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Enter height and weight to calculate body mass index (BMI).

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U&E reference intervals

Standard reference intervals for urea and electrolytes.

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