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Latest news and quick-reference resources collated by the MIMS editors to support primary care prescribing for type I and type II diabetes mellitus.

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Insulin vial and syringe on a white background

NHS rolls out second continuous glucose monitoring device to type I diabetes patients

The Dexcom ONE device comprises a small sensor which...

Purple, orange, blue and yellow blood test tubes on a tray.

New advice on vitamin B12 monitoring in patients taking metformin

Patients on metformin treatment with risk factors for...

A pregnant woman is seen from above as she sits cross-legged on a bed taking a pill with a glass of water.

Metformin 'safe in pregnancy', says MHRA

Prescribing advice for metformin in pregnancy has been...

Blue and orange 3D computerised illustration of kidneys on a white background.

New treatment for CKD associated with diabetes

Kerendia (finerenone) is a new oral treatment for adults...

A young woman with a glucose monitoring patch on her arm consults her blood glucose reading on her smartphone

More patients with diabetes set to benefit from continuous glucose monitoring

NICE has widened its backing for real-time and 'flash'...

At-a-glance product comparison charts.

Summaries of key national guidance.


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Urine albumin: creatinine ratio (ACR), protein: creatinine ratio (PCR), and degree of renal impairment.

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HbA 1c units

Enter glycated haemoglobin
( HbA 1c ) value in % to convert to mmol/mol, and vice versa.

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