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Latest news and quick-reference resources collated by the MIMS editors to support primary care prescribing for cardiovascular conditions, including angina, heart failure and hypertension.

Latest news

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SGLT2 inhibitor approval 'turning point' for underserved heart failure population

Empagliflozin (Jardiance) is the first licensed treatment...

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Fish oil drug provisionally approved by NICE for cardiovascular prevention

Prescribers may soon be able to routinely prescribe...

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Free webinar: are COPD and CVD ‘two sides of the same coin’?

MIMS Learning is hosting a free webinar on 13 June...

Prescribing Notes

Guide to treatment options for selected cardiovascular conditions:

Angina (including nitrates, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers)


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Cardiovascular risk (JBS3)

Enter details of patient's risk factors to calculate the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Physical activity (GPPAQ)

Enter patient’s questionnaire responses to assess physical activity levels.

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