GrĂ¼nenthal has launched Clarosip (clarithromycin), a novel product comprising clarithromycin granules for oral suspension in a drinking straw.

Patients can choose the drink used with the Clarosip straws, to promote compliance with treatment. The single-dose straws are available in three strengths containing clarithromycin 125mg, 187.5mg or 250mg.

To take a dose, patients should carefully remove the cap and place the lower end of the straw into a suitable drink (see below). The drink should then be sipped through the straw, during which time the granules are dispersed. The dose is complete when the white controller within the straw reaches the top; several sips may be required to complete the dose. Any granules remaining in the mouth should be swallowed by flushing the mouth with the drink.

Suitable drinks include clear, non-viscous fluids, such as lemonades, pulp-free fruit juices and homogenised milk (40°C) should also be avoided.

Clarosip is indicated for the treatment of the following acute and chronic infections, when caused by clarithromycin-susceptible organisms: upper respiratory tract infections (eg, tonsillitis/pharyngitis), as an alternative when beta-lactam antibiotics are not appropriate; acute otitis media in children; lower respiratory tract infections (eg, community-acquired pneumonia); sinusitis and acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis in adults and adolescents over 12 years; and skin and soft tissue infections of mild to moderate severity. Clarosip is also indicated as part of combination regimens for the eradication of .

The recommended dose of Clarosip in adults and adolescents is 250mg twice daily, increasing to 500mg twice daily in severe infection, for up to 14 days. In eradication regimens the dose of clarithromycin is usually 500mg twice daily.

Clarosip is not recommended in children younger than two years or weighing less than 12kg. For children weighing 12-19kg, 20-29kg or 30-40kg, the recommended dose for twice daily administration is 125mg, 187.5mg or 250mg, respectively, for five to 10 days.

Clarosip is available in a carton containing 14 straws.

View Clarosip drug record

Further information: Grünenthal Ltd

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