Ivermectin in rosacea

NICE has issued advice on the use of ivermectin cream for inflammatory lesions in papulopustular rosacea

In two RCTs, ivermectin 10mg/g cream was statistically significantly more effective than vehicle cream (placebo) in improving rosacea severity score and reducing inflammatory lesion count. 

In another RCT, ivermectin was superior to metronidazole cream at reducing lesion count and improving rosacea severity score, with study participants having about 10% fewer lesions. Local adverse events, including skin irritation, pruritus and dry skin, are common, although these are mostly transient, and mild to moderate in severity. 

More than two-thirds of patients using ivermectin rated their improvement as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, compared with about one-third of people in the vehicle group.

ESNM68. London, NICE, January 2016

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