Book review: A practical approach to psychodermatology

This well-illustrated book about an important aspect of dermatology is essential reading, writes Dr Paul Charlson

Practical Psychodermatology

Edited by Dr Anthony Bewley, Dr Ruth Taylor, Dr Jason Reichenberg and Dr Michelle Magid

ISBN 978-1-118-56068-6
£99.99 (hardcover)

Edited by dermatologists and psychiatrists, Practical Psychodermatology is a simple, comprehensive, up-to-date guide for the management ?of patients who have psychocutaneous disease.
Key areas covered include:
  •  History and examination
  • Assessment and risk management
  • Psychiatric aspects of dermatological disease
  • Dermatological aspects of psychiatric disease
  • Management and treatment

This is an excellent book. It is clear and concise, but provides an in-depth guide to an important but often neglected area of dermatology.
The mark of a good textbook is its content and layout and both are superb.
The book covers subjects such as the management of psychodermatology, skin disease with secondary psychiatric disorders and vice versa, cutaneous pain and special populations.
The illustrations are of excellent quality and there are numerous tables and boxes, which facilitate ease of use and access to information.
Each chapter contains a box with practical tips and I have already put some of these into practice with good effect.
The blend of editorial expertise creates an excellent resource for any clinician working in the fields of dermatology, aesthetics and psychiatry.
I also found the list of drugs used for treating somatic disorders, which includes their characteristics, helpful and informative. The appendices contain some very useful screening tools.
I would recommend this book as essential for any clinician looking to learn more about psychodermatology.
  • Dr Paul Charlson is a GP with an extended role in dermatology in East Yorks

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