Editorial: Diagnosis and management of children with skin conditions

Welcome to the September issue of MIMS Dermatology, which covers a variety of conditions

Skin problems can be particularly uncomfortable for young children, as well as worrying for their parents. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that skin lesions in children might be a sign of abuse or neglect.
Dr Andre Khoo and colleagues describe the management of atopic eczema in children, emphasising the importance of early diagnosis and effective management using a range of tailored treatments and, perhaps most importantly, the need to educate patients and their parents about the best way to use their particular treatment.
Dr Helen Goodyear reminds us that all healthcare professionals must be involved in safeguarding children and child abuse should be considered as a differential diagnosis when assessing and treating dermatological conditions in children.
Melanoma continues to hit the headlines, with NICE’s recent approval of pembrolizumab for some adult patients with advanced melanoma, while Dr Paul Charlson gives an overview of the recommendations of new NICE guidelines on the assessment and management of melanoma.
The Clinical Review by Dr Ava Lee and Dr Nick Levell describes the diagnosis and management of cellulitis. In the Diagnostic Forum, Dr Sara Ritchie provides an update on the diagnosis of Lyme disease, and Dr Beebee Meeajun and Professor Rino Cerio explain which dermatological conditions merit urgent referral to secondary care for prompt management. Here, Dr Paul Charlson outlines the treatment options for non-scarring alopecia in women.
Elsewhere in this issue, Dr Suneeta Kochhar discusses a patient with a scabbing, crusty skin lesion, while Dr Brian Malcolm examines four presentations of skin conditions.
Don’t forget you can earn a suggested five credits of CPD for your portfolio from selected articles in this issue. The ‘CPD impact’ boxes at the end of these articles provide suggestions for ways in which you can further increase your learning and earn more credits.
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