Breastfeeding and childhood eczema

Exclusive breastfeeding for four months does not protect against childhood eczema, according to researchers

This study included more than 50,000 schoolchildren aged eight to 12 years from 21 countries. Parental questionnaires were used to gain information on breastfeeding and eczema, and children were examined for eczema. Children who had been breastfed for less than six months had a slightly higher risk of eczema. There was no significant link between breastfeeding for more than six months and eczema.

Although many government organisations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for at least four months to protect against allergic disease, these authors suggest that current guidelines on breastfeeding need to be reviewed in line with the results of this study.
Flohr C, Nagel G, Weinmayr G et al. Br J Dermatol 2011

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