The MIMS app

Following the launch of the mobile-friendly MIMS site, the decision has been made to bring the MIMS app to a close.

Now, GPs and nurses, and soon also practice pharmacists, can access the whole MIMS website, including the drug database, quick-reference tables, guideline summaries and visual guides, plus more, for free.

If you’re a healthcare professional not in one of the above roles, or want to use MIMS for commercial purposes, MIMS is available to you as part of a subscription.

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Why are you closing the app?

As MIMS itself is now mobile-friendly, and we’re also opening up access to prescribing roles across UK primary care, including GPs and nurses, and soon also practice pharmacists, we’re now reaching the stage where supporting the app as well doesn’t make sense with our goals for MIMS. We want to focus all our resources on making MIMS online as user-friendly and helpful to prescribers as possible.

Will the app disappear from my phone?

No, you’ll keep the MIMS app on your phone, but you won’t receive any updates after February 2019, and no one will be able to download the app who doesn’t already have it.

If you’re keeping the app on your phone and using the information it holds, please note that it’s your responsibility to check the information you access is accurate. We will no longer be updating the app with new information or changes.

How can I access updates after you stop updating the app?

There are three ways you can keep your access to MIMS information:

  • Sign up as a free user if you’re a GP or nurse
  • Take out a month’s free trial for an extra month’s access to the website
  • Access the special app-user discounted subscription rate from the notification link, to get 3 months free with a 12 month subscription to the full site

My app subscription still has several months to run - what will you do about this?

If the options above don’t meet your needs, get in touch and let us know by emailing - we’ll do what we can to help.