MIMS advertising information

MIMS is the most up-to-date concise prescribing reference in the UK. MIMS includes all major medicines available on prescription in the UK and the drug database is updated constantly. Published for 60 years, advertising on MIMS allows you to align your brand to a professional resource that has heritage, respect and readership.

In print you can target your advertising alongside your specific disease area or within the index and a wide range of creative solutions are available to allow your campaign to really stand out. Online, as well as the standard display options such as banners and overlays, you can sponsor the clinics ( www.mims.co.uk/clinics ) and target your campaign alongside the popular drug comparison tables which allows you to demonstrate your commitment to best practice in a particular therapy area.

To discuss online and print advertising opportunities, including sponsorship and email campaigns, contact:

Annabel Maclaurin  
Senior Account Executive 
Email: annabel.maclaurin@haymarket.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 8267 3220

For advertising information on MIMSLearning.co.uk or GPonline.com please contact Annabel as above.

MIMS content solutions, bespoke project information

Producing promotional education projects using the MIMS brand and the expertise of the MIMS editorial team allows you to position the use of your product in a balanced format that will be well received by your target audience of healthcare professionals. This can include announcement of a new product, a new indication, new data or providing evidence-based information on use of your product in patient care. Projects can be produced in print or digital format and are tailored to your requirements.

To discuss MIMS branded project opportunities please contact:

Robert Nuzzaci  
Commercial Director  
Email:  robert.nuzzaci@haymarket.com  
Tel: +44 (0)20 8267 4884

MIMS Workshops, bespoke event information

We create MIMS workshops, bespoke events, on behalf of our clients in collaboration with the MIMS brand to ensure trusted engagement with the wider healthcare professional community.

MIMS is a respected provider of live events with 98.8% of attendees rating a MIMS event as either good or excellent. By partnering with MIMS to produce and run your events you will be associated with a name and heritage that healthcare professionals trust.

76% of GPs are more likely to go to an educational event by MIMS*
Make sure you take advantage of this audience engagement; we can meet all of your event needs so let us know the event format you would like to produce and we will work together to provide a solution.

We ran an event with MIMS and the whole team did a great job working alongside members of both our sales and marketing teams, against some challenging timelines. Attendance exceeded our expectations. The whole project was well managed and considerate of our internal processes. MIMS demonstrated their experience of running large successful events.

Associate Marketing Director, Teva UK Ltd

I am extremely pleased with the work MIMS are doing in our joint venture of running a series of educational roadshows. I am impressed with the due diligence given to each event, the timely responses from all members of the team working on the project and most importantly the execution of each and every single meeting. Having worked with other organisations I can confidently say MIMS rank first.

Professional Relationships Manager, Janssen-Cilag Ltd

To discuss event opportunities please contact:

Robert Nuzzaci 
Commercial Director 
Email:  robert.nuzzaci@haymarket.com 
Tel: +44 (0)20 8267 4884

*User survey, June 2017. 387 GP respondents.