Topical Steroids, Comparison of Potencies and Formulations

Strengths and formulations of topical steroids.

Therapeutic Potencies and Formulations of Topical Steroids
MildModeratePotentVery PotentFormulation
Alphaderm* Cream
Aureocort* Ointment
Betacap Scalp Application
Betesil Plaster
Betnovate Cream, Ointment, Lotion, Scalp Application
Betnovate RD Cream, Ointment
Bettamousse Scalp Application
Canesten HC* Cream
Clarelux Scalp Application
ClobaDerm Cream, Ointment
Cutivate Cream, Ointment
Daktacort 2%/1%* Cream, Ointment
Dermacort Cream
Dermovate Cream, Ointment, Scalp Application
MildModeratePotentVery PotentFormulation
Dioderm Cream
Diprosalic* Ointment, Scalp Application
Diprosone Cream, Ointment, Lotion
Dovobet* Gel, Ointment, Scalp Application
Elocon Cream, Ointment, Scalp Lotion
Enstilar* Foam
Eumovate Cream, Ointment
Eurax HC* Cream
Fucibet*   Cream, Oily Cream
Fucidin-H* Cream
Haelan Cream, Ointment
Locoid Cream, Emulsion, Ointment, Oily Cream, Scalp Application
Lotriderm* Cream
MildModeratePotentVery PotentFormulation
Metosyn Cream, Ointment
Oily Cream
Nerisone Cream, Ointment, Oily Cream
Nerisone Forte Ointment, Oily Cream
Nystaform HC* Cream, Ointment
Synalar Cream, Gel, Ointment, Scalp Application
Synalar 1:4 Cream, Ointment
Synalar 1:10 Cream
Synalar C* Cream, Ointment
Synalar N* Cream, Ointment
Terra-Cortril* Ointment
Timodine* Cream
Trimovate* Cream
Ultralanum* Cream, Ointment

Key: *product has at least one other active ingredient.

In addition to therapeutic potency, the severity of side effects is related to the duration of treatment, degree of occlusion and site of application and the two are not necessarily interrelated, particularly where skin is damaged.


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