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27 August 2009, 10:30am

Nicotinic acid and laropiprant modified-release tablets for treating dyslipidaemia, particularly combined mixed dyslipidaemia and primary hypercholesterolaemia.



Tredaptive combines nicotinic acid (niacin), a lipid-lowering agent, with laropiprant, a selective antagonist of the prostaglandin D2 receptor subtype 1.1 Laropiprant has no effect on lipid levels, but simply suppresses the flushing caused by nicotinic acid.


In a 24-week trial in 1,216 patients, nicotinic acid (1g/day for four weeks, followed by 2g/day for 20 weeks) given in combination with laropiprant significantly improved lipid profiles compared with placebo and caused markedly less flushing than the same dose of nicotinic acid alone.2

In another trial, the 726 patients randomised to receive nicotinic acid (1g/day for four weeks, followed by 2g/day for 12 weeks) given in combination with laropiprant experienced significantly fewer days of flushing per week during the 16-week treatment period than the 729 patients who were randomised to receive nicotinic acid alone (0.5g/day for four weeks gradually titrated to 2g/day for the final four weeks), despite more rapid nicotinic acid titration.3

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  2. Maccubbin D, Bays H et al. Lipid-modifying efficacy and tolerability of e-r niacin/laropiprant in patients with primary hypercholesterolaemia or mixed dyslipidaemia. Int J Clin Pract 2008: 62; 1959-70.
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