Deleted products 2017

The following products are no longer available and have been removed from MIMS.


Exjade Dispersible Tablets (deferasirox)
Haemate P (factor VIII)
Mononine (factor IX)
Solu-Medrone 2G (methylprednisolone)


Cleosensa (ethinylestradiol/drospirenone)
Daylette (ethinylestradiol/drospirenone)
Luvinsta XL (fluvastatin)
Orgaran (danaparoid sodium)
Panoxyl Aquagel (benzoyl peroxide)
Trobalt (retigabine)


Actidose-Aqua (activated charcoal)
Ciloxan Ointment (ciprofloxacin)
Docusol (docusate sodium)
Emadine (emedastine)
Oraldene (hexetidine)


Ebesque XL (quetiapine)
Distamine (penicillamine)
Isopto Alkaline (hypromellose)
Kemicetine (chloramphenicol)
Macugen (pegaptanib)
Tobravisc (tobramycin)


Axorid (ketoprofen/omeprazole)
Emeside (ethosuximide)
Gabup (buprenorphine)
Isotrex (isotretinoin)
Miacalcic (calcitonin [salmon])
Zarontin (ethosuximide)


Arpicolin (procyclidine)
Crixivan (indinavir)
Fersaday (ferrous fumarate)
Lomont (lofepramine)
Sulpor (sulpiride)
Syprol (propranolol)
Zolvera (verapamil)


Allevyn Plus Cavity
Amoxil Sachets (amoxicillin)
Asasantin Retard (aspirin/dipyridamole)
Dualtis (DHA/EPA/omega-3-acid ethyl esters)
Erlibelle (ethinylestradiol/levonorgestrel)
Exelon Capsules (rivastigmine)
Exelon Oral Solution (rivastigmine)
Micronor (norethisterone)
One Touch Comfort
Prempak-C (oestrogen/norgestrel)
Risperdal Quicklet (risperidone)

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